Price: $100

State: Utah
City: Orem
Zip code: 84057
Type: Animals

This setup will give you literally almost everything your Anole setup will require except more crickets. We would be happy to give you instructions & advice if desired as well to take care of these lizards. BTW, we just completely cleaned the tank today.
3- Adult Anoles (2 males & 1 female) These Anoles change colors between bright green to brown like chameleons.
All hardware is high quality Zoo Med brand
1- Mini Combo deep dome dual lamp fixture
- 75 w UVA daylight basking bulb (3 weeks old)
- 13 w 5.0 UVB Mini Compact Fluorescent bulb (week old)
1- External tank heater (this has been stuck to the bottom)
2- water dishes
1- 20 gallon tank with fold in half mesh lid. We have siliconed small rocks on back wall that the lizards love to lay & climb on & they heat up from the lamps as well which is nice.
Temperature & humidity level tank dials & 2 external thermometers on sides of tank.
1- Eco Earth crushed coconut substrate brick for your next cleaning
1- large 3 oz. Calcium & D3 powder supplement (dust crickets)
1- Cricket keeper
1- Green fake plant that has suction cups for tank (not used most of the time because we used live plants)
*Only for sale as a complete set